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All three of the courses will begin at the Van Buren County Human Services building, located at 801 Hazen St., Paw Paw MI. The 57 mile ride will include SAG stops at both Lawton Park and Decatur Veteran's Park. The 43 mile course will have the same two SAG stops, and the 23 mile course will have just one SAG stop in Lawton.

View the courses below for more detail!
Please note that all three rides are available in the app called MapMyRide.  If you are using MapMyRide on event day (on your phone) you have to be in the area to download the map instructions on your phone. 

Click the designated buttons below to download a PDF version of each route.

Vineyard Bike Map 23 Miles - 2023.png
Vineyard Bike Map 43 Miles - 2023.png
Vineyard Bike Map 57 Miles - 2023.png
SAG Support 

Get ready for some thrilling pit stops! The SAG stops will be stationed at the Village of Lawton's lively Chancey Lewis Park and Decatur's vibrant VFW Veterans Park.


Expect to be energized with refreshing hydration, delicious homemade cookies, and a variety of nutritious snacks to keep you fueled on your ride! 

The Black River Amateur Radio Club 

For countless years, the Black River Amateur Radio Club has passionately dedicated thier services to ensuring a supported and safe route for our cyclists. 

Keep and eye out for their marked cars, ready to offer assistance throughout the ride. Plus, they'll have a radio operator stationed at each SAG stop, guaranteeing seamless communication and support every pedal of the way! 


Prepare for an exhilirating adventure through the enchanting "wine country" with our meticulously designed routes! These self-guided trials, complete with clear road markings and directions, offer a perfect blend of exploration and familiarity. 

A huge shoutout to Gary Goscenski for his incredible effort in marking the course - his dedication has truly paved the way for an unforgettable journey! 

About Those Cookies...

The legendary "Biker Cookies" have become an iconic treat at the Paw Paw Vineyard Classic. Just ask any rider - these cookies are the ultimate go-to! 

With college interns now managing the event, we've decided to entrust the cookie "integrity" to the experts at LaCantina. We can't wait to sink our teeth into them on September 8, we're sur you'll be thrilled that they're handling the baking, not us! 

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