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All three of the courses will begin at the Van Buren County Human Services building, located at 801 Hazen St., Paw Paw MI. The 57 mile ride will include SAG stops at both Lawton Park and Decatur Veteran's Park. The 43 mile course will have the same two SAG stops, and the 23 mile course will have just one SAG stop in Lawton.

View the courses below for more detail!
Please note that all three rides are available in the app called MapMyRide.  If you are using MapMyRide on event day (on your phone) you have to be in the area to download the map instructions on your phone. 

Click the designated buttons below to download a PDF version of each route.

SAG Support 

The SAG stops are at the Village of Lawton's Chancey Lewis Park and in Decatur at the VFW Veteran's Park.  Refreshments will include hydration, homemade cookies (thank you LaCantina), and other nutritious snacks to keep you sustained while riding.

At the Decatur stop, this year there will be the ability to make a sandwich and have something with a bit more protein.

The Black River Amateur Radio Club 

For years and years, the Black River Amateur Radio Club has donated their services and commitment to helping to provide a supported and safe route for our bicylists.  They will be in cars marked to provide support for the ride. They will also have a radio operator at each of the SAG stations. 


The routes are designed to provide a great exploration into the "wine country" and they are self-guided, with road markings, directions, and a bit of familiarity.  All riders will be asked to wear their assigned bibs to assure compliance to the registration guidelines. A special thank you to Gary Goscenski who volunteered his time to mark the course (a big job).

About Those Cookies...

The cookies that have become famous for the Paw Paw Vineyard Classic are called "Biker Cookies."  Ask any biker, they are the go-to cookie. Since college interns have now taken the "event clipboard" we thought it was better to trust the cookie "integrity" to LaCantina. We can't wait to bite into them on September 10.  We think that you will be happy they are making them and not us.

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